To or valued clients & friends: SYCLE is getting a makeover and...


We are so excited to announce that we are currently transitioning SYCLE into a new and improved brand, VibeRide. In addition to our rebranding, we have also added a 2nd location within the Maverick Community in Playa Vista! We'd like to remind you that we will slowly be updating our website, emails, Yelp and Classpass accounts, so please make note of those changes as they happen gradually over the next few weeks.

If you are in the Playa Vista area, and would like to ride with Brittany in our new location, please view the schedule below, and use code PLAYA to get your




At SYCLE, we believe that your fitness regimen should consist primarily of three simple but paramount aspects:

Motivation, Inspiration, and Fun!

We have found that when we are consistently motivated to push ourselves to our maximum potential, we begin to see positive changes in our bodies and minds almost immediately! At SYCLE, motivation comes in many forms, but we find the most effective form of motivation is derived from friendly competition. Whether you are competing with yourself to produce better results than you did in your previous ride, or competing with your fellow riders to finish at the top of your class, the competition aspect of your workout gives you that extra push you need when you reach the point of fatigue. This is why we use a a cutting-edge software that not only records your individual results from each ride, but also emails your results directly to you.

Traditionally, competition is thought of as a rivalry in which the success of one individual is dependent upon the failure of another. Friendly competition, however, promotes the celebration of either competitors victory, and provides positive motivation along with elevated results.
— Kirk Thompson, Founder of SYCLE

Although we are aware that fitness is imperative to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and essential in making the positive changes we wish to see in our bodies, sometimes we need more than motivation to guide us through our fitness journey. At SYCLE, our instructors are here to encourage and support each and every rider, all while sharing their expertise and personal journeys which have lead them to indoor cycling. It is each SYCLE instructor's goal to leave you feeling inspired, fulfilled, and just as passionate about SYCLE as they are!

When we are mentally and physically stimulated, there is no limit to what our minds and bodies can achieve.
— Brittany Thompson, Founder of SYCLE

We think you'd agree with us when we say that there are few things worse than dreading every minute of your daily workout. Which is why at SYCLE, we refuse to let that happen! We like to refer to our classes as a "party on a bike". Our instructors create a stimulating and exhilarating environment by using playlists consisting of chart topping pop, hip-hop, rock, house, and throwback classics that make you feel like you just stepped into a dance party! We are confident that you will enjoy your SYCLE experience so much, that you will most definitely be back for more. Which is precisely why your first ride is FREE!



Although indoor cycling has been around for many years, the advancements in cycling technology as well as the evolution in developments and improvements have made indoor cycling one of the most popular workouts in existence today!

Keeping this in mind, the team at SYCLE made it their goal to find the most innovative indoor cycling bike currently on the market. The Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue will not only give you one of the smoothest and most effective rides possible, but it will also deliver the most authentic cycling adventure you can experience indoors!

The AC Performance Plus also comes equipped with an MPower Echelone Console which records and displays your progress in each class including, but not limited to: RPMs, Calories burned, Distance, etc.

This cutting edge technology combined with the experience and enthusiasm of our sensational SYCLE instructors will keep you coming back time and time again!

We’ve always believed strongly in the idea of ‘work hard, play harder’. At SYCLE, you get the perfect combination of both!
— Kirk & Brittany Thompson, Founders of SYCLE



When Brittany and Kirk met in 2011, there were two things that they immediately realized they had in common: their love of fitness and their passion for competition. It was these similarities that lead them to the idea of opening their own fitness studio. While preparing for their 2015 wedding, Brittany decided to take up indoor cycling to shed those last few extra pounds before walking down the aisle. It wasn't long after, she had lost 15 pounds, and her love affair with cycling began! Of course Kirk, being the competitor that he is, was right there on the bike beside her, pushing her to beat his cycling stats in each and every class.

Being able to see how many miles we were riding, and how many calories we were burning, created this sense of friendly competition that neither of us had ever experienced in a fitness class before. Even when we weren't competing with each other, we were always striving to be better individually than we were in our last class.
— Brittany & Kirk

With the introduction of their first indoor cycling studio, Brittany and Kirk strive to create a sense of community that makes every single SYCLE client feel like family. They hope to provide a motivational, inspirational, and fun environment in each and every class.

And of course, they promise to surround their entire SYCLE family with LOVE, SWEAT, & GEARS.